Find out your state’s statute of limitations on debt

Find out your state’s statute of limitations on debt. It may be four years. If you make a payment or agree to a payment plan it will extend it. And not only does it extend the statute of limitations, if you agree to send a payment or make one, the statute of limitations starts all over again from day one.

I am also a newbie and have been lurking for a few days trying to find a spot to jump in. So here it goes. What do I need to do if I have anything on my credit report past the statue of limitations? TIA !

What I’ve done is dispute any old addresses on all 3 credit reports. once that is complete, I dispute all negative entries as “not mine”. The way the credit bureaus verify with the creditors is through a match with your address and the address the creditor has on file. If your old addresses tied to those old debts don’t match up with what’s now on the credit reports, usually the credit bureaus will delete those trade-lines. The one that you may have problems with is Experian; you can ask to delete your old addresses until your are blue in the face, and they still won’t budge.

How do you dispute old address? They are valid so how do you get them to go away. I have some from long ago where I only lived there for 2 months at the most.

Write to all 3 credit bureaus requesting that all (with the exception of your current address) be deleted. To be even sneekier (if you are hiding from collectors or creditors), open up a PO Box and begin getting your mail there. DO NOT request a change of address from the USPS as the USPS, come to find out, sell your info to, but not limited to, collectors, etc. After you get a new address, contact the credit bureaus to delete all the other addresses listed. Then immediately after that, write to them again disputing bad accounts/collections/etc.

On the subject of addresses, though, someone mentioned that the USPS will report address changes to various companies. I made an address change with Capital One (to a PO Box) and they told me that I could do that but they would keep my street address on file. Would that reflect on a credit report? Just curious.

I appreciate the good advice shared on gaining control of consumer debt. I have an observation on Robert’s suggestion below. I realize he is advising someone on how to overcome bad debt records. But if a person actually is responsible for a bad debt in the past, there must be better ways to deal with them than by trying to dispute them after having addresses erased out of a credit bureau report and challenging past bills by claiming they must be wrong because I did not live at such an address. Isn’t the spirit of the group to learn how to work out a solution that will work for both the creditors and the debtors, rather than finding a way of making the bad accounts disappear? Isn’t honesty important? The approach recommended here sounds like running from reality and could get a person into serious legal problems, in my opinion.