You are going to upset me on the matter

You are going to upset me on the matter because I totally agree with you. My DH and I have one child right now, she is only 2 but we haven’t been able to save one cent for her college. We can’t even save for ourselves and I’m sorry but I’m not going to eat cat food so that I can pay for her to go to college. If I’m able to help her then I will do that but I feel if she wants to go to college and hopefully she will then it should be her responsibility to pay for it. It may seem selfish but I know she will understand. And I think by her paying her own way she will work harder to make good grades knowing if she doesn’t she is wasting her money.

My daughter works 2 jobs and I have worked at the HS guidance center and have spent many hours researching the way for her to pay the tuition. Since she has no credit she can’t get a loan unless her parent co signs it and since we are already in debt why put more for us to pay? SHe as and is doing all that is possible for the family. The government keeps telling us that we owe so much money towards the family contribution and that is where the problem starts since ths school use that as the foundation for financial aid. Its rally not the financial aid office that tells you how much you pay. Its really the government when you fill out the FAFSA form They don’t take into account your life, just what you manke and what they can get from you.

My daughter has a frined that has divorced parents. THe mother doesn’t work and had custody BUT the father makes $150,000 year and she get the money from hime to stay at school at a cost of $10,000/year. But her $25,000 tuition she just pays $4,000. NOT FAIR but the FAFSA is under the mom and there is no income but the little that the daughter makes over the summer. Wish I could know how to llie but well……..

I’ve sort of avoided responding to this but your BTW inspired me. I have no idea what financial aid offices look at when it comes time to determining grants, etc. And I have said many times, I have no idea where the money goes. I teach part time at the University of San Francisco and my salary for the year is equal to the tuition of 1.25 students. There are 10,000 students in the school and far less than 7500 employees. 😎

This is a real tough topic for everyone to agree upon. I was a great student (3.95 in high school; 3.88 in college) but my parents’ petty bickering when they were divorced left me on the lurch. Since they did not pay for my education, I (to this day) figured they didn’t really care. But that was because they were too selfish and it wasn’t the case of wanting me to appreciate the expense of college which I did.

Then I have students now who are in the perpetual party mode. I’d love to have a chat with their parents and tell them they could just hand me the $24K in tuition and it would go to a much better purpose than it is for their son’s or daughter’s education (and don’t get me started on the jeweler’s daughter comparing Beverly Hills fashions with another student LOL).

How to handle a child’s education is really a very personal and individual issue and no one should be criticized for their decisions in this regard.